New Year Resolutions…a recipe for failure


This New Year I made a resolution… do less! That’s right……I said it!

Did you know that 88% of New Year Resolutions are not followed through? There is so much stress in the world and over achievers young and old do not need to add more stress by making resolutions they can’t keep.

Let’s focus on what causes you stress and throw it out the window. Don’t make a resolution to exercise more if it’s not realistic. Don’t promise to follow a tiny 1000 calorie a day diet. Don’t buy the latest weight loss aid……you know there isn’t a magic pill to make you thin. Don’t add more time to your day to do more when you could get an extra hour of sleep to recooperate. You need 7 to 8  hours a night to stay healthy!

So when someone asks you if you made a resolution this year, just tell them “yes” and when they ask what, tell them “to make no more resolutions!”

Happy New Year!





Desk exercising?

Desk chair

Geez, this time of year I am sooooooo busy! I always swear to myself that I’ll eat well and exercise through all this but I wake up so tired I question which is most important; another 30 minutes of sleep, or exercising. I’ve come up with a new strategy that may not be optimal, but it does make a difference!

When my eyes start to get blurry from staring at the computer, I stop, push away from my desk and start stretching from my chair. I interlock my fingers together and push my arms straight out, palms facing out. Then I lift them straight up over my head, and with my fingers still intertwined, pull them behind my head to the back of my neck. Unlocking my hands and standing up, I put my arms down and intertwine them again, behind me, standing straight, pulling my shoulders back and slowly lifting my arms up to stretch the front of my chest. I hope you can get a visual. It really feels good and loosens up the neck and shoulders which usually get tight and give you a headache.

Now, to get the brain going again, sit in your chair and lean as far forward as you can, touching your toes. Hang your head and relax. This will help get your blood flowing.

The building I work in has a lot of stairs, so I make a point to use them any chance I get. It’s almost like a mini aerobic routine if you push yourself a little faster than what you are normally comfortable with. I like doing this when I’m off to get lunch so I can get some extra walking in too.

If you stick with this, you will be amazed at the decrease in head and neck aches you get, and the increase in productivity and stamina. I even challenge myself on how many stairs I can do without slowing down, trying to beat my last number.

There are lots of exercises you can do from your desk. Check out WebMD for more ideas. Hopefully most of you are getting ready to take some vacation and get a little break during Christmas. Hang in there folks, you are almost there!


High protein vegetarian salad recipe?!

Yes…..that’s right! And as with all my recipes, it’s so simple!

This recipe packs a minimum of 15 grams of protein along with high fiber and only 1-2 grams of fat. If you are really vegetarian, it also gives many of the essential amino acids and nutrients you don’t normally get with produce.

Black Bean Salad Mexicana or Italiano!

Spring mix salad
grape tomatoes, halved
bell pepper, diced
onion, diced
cucumber, diced
1 cup canned black beans
thin 1/2 inch slices of cheddar or parmesan cheese
salad dressing of salsa or red wine vinegar with Italian seasoning

Choose if you want a Mexican style or Italian style salad and pick your cheese and dressing to match. Mix all ingredients except the beans. Toss with the dressing, then top with beans.  Could anything be more simple????

Celebrate the holiday with lowfat Eggnog

We are now in the heart of the holiday season trying not to gain weight and stay as healthy as possible to avoid that horrible flu! One of my favorite holiday drinks is eggnog, but it has 343 calories, 19 grams of fat and 150 mg cholesterol. It’s really hard for me stay away from the stuff so I found a recipe and adapted it for you! This one is only about 100 calories, 2 grams of fat and 5 mg cholesterol per cup! Pretty sweet, huh?!

2 cups skim milk
1 cup ice milk, melted
1/2 cup egg substitute (like eggbeaters)
1/2 teaspoon rum (or rum extract)

Blend ingredients in a blender, pour into 4 cups and sprinkle with nutmeg. You can also serve it frozen by not melting the ice milk first.