Do you work too much?


Are you one of those people that throws themselves into their work? Many successful careers are built off of working long hours but do you have a good work life balance? Here are some questions that may tell you if you are working too much:

  • Are you at work before most people arrive and leave after everyone is gone?
  • Do you not take a lunch break or skip lunch all together?
  • Does your brain take longer to respond in the afternoon?
  • Do you have eye strain as you are leaving work?
  • Do you have difficulty sleeping because you have work on your mind?
  • Are you planning what you have to do for work all weekend?
  • Do you forget things your friends and family tell you?
  • Are you running last minute to get things for your friend’s and family birthday’s or other celebrations?
  • Are you turning down invitations to do fun things because you are afraid it will effect your work?
  • Are you starting to get emotional at work?
  • Do you feel you are constantly trying to hold off a cold, having a number of aches and pains, or are often sick?


This is not good for your health and it’s probably straining your personal relationships. Worse yet you are most likely not producing the quality of work you want from yourself.

Hopefully you have time to change and reboot your life!

First, remember that your job does not define you. You define your job.
Shape your work to fit into a healthy lifestyle.

Begin by taking the time you need to stay fresh and remain productive. Get 7-8 hours of sleep. When you leave work…..LEAVE work. It may take practice, but it is possible. Even if you have a mandatory cell phone, take the call and when the call is done…stop working. Take lunch breaks. Food is your brain’s source of energy. Get  away from the office. Even if you eat at your desk, don’t look at your computer or take phone calls. If you have a door, shut it for no interruptions. Do something personal. Read a book, check your personal email or go onto your social site. You will lose those afternoon blahs, increase your productivity and reduce your chances of making errors.

Next, never work more than 10 hours a day. Nobody can physical work more hours daily and meet their own quality expectations. If you find you need more hours than that to do your work, you need to say “no”. If you are taking on projects you need to decline them. If you don’t have that option, you need to find a new job. It may seem harsh to say that, but if you are answering the questions above with Yes, then  you are losing yourself in your work. Find a job that allows you to have that work life balance you are missing, or you will be sorry later.

Now is a good time to reach out to friends and family. Apologize if you need to. Spend time with them. Rejuvenate your relationships and you will be amazed at how fast your stress disappears.

It’s scary to let go of a work addiction. There can even be a financial impact. Be brave enough to make a change and you will find your life will be better for it.