Health from Food in its Natural Form


farm veges

For those of you have been following me, you know many of my posts come back to the same thing. There is no magic pill to a healthy diet. It’s all about eating food in its most natural form.  This New Year’s when you are deciding what resolution to make for your health consider the one that will be healthy no matter what you are trying to fight. Eating food in its natural form boosts your immune system and fights weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and all of the most concerning diseases.

Eat less processed foods and add more fresh fruits and vegetables. You don’t need that much meat to meet your daily protein requirements so eat a small amount of plain, non-processed meat.

I watched a tremendous show on PBS that you should see. It will make it clear for you. You can watch it online:

Time Release Caffeine Lasts All Day

coffee beans

Can you imagine getting your caffeine fix all day from one cup of coffee? If you can’t drink coffee because caffeine makes your energy soar and crash you may have a new option. Nestlé Research Centre in Switzerland is working on a coffee that will TIME RELEASE the caffeine to eliminate the highs and lows the body experiences and give a nice smooth bump in energy all day long! According to Nestle the technology that makes this possible is cubosomes. It’s kind of like a capsule that medications come in to slowly release the drug over time.  Keep an eye on this one if you are a coffee drinker!

Lighten up Holiday Stress

xmas lights

Stressing out with your holiday to do list? I’m here to tell you to cut that list in half! I don’t care if you think your sister will be disappointed if you don’t make your annual holiday fudge. It doesn’t matter if you buy everyone in your office a gift. Driving to the mall in a foot of snow only to find a single parking space a mile away is not how you want to shop for presents.  Order gifts online and have them mailed directly.

There are so many things you think you need to do during the holidays but your friends and family would probably prefer being with you over receiving something material. The most important thing to put at the top of your holiday list is to spend TIME,  not money on your friends and family. Take a break from your pocket book and running around. Hold a potluck get together at your house and play games, watch movies or something else you would all enjoy doing. One of my favorite things to do is go to the local gardens or zoo for their annual light show. I’m sure you have one close to you. Get outside and breath some fresh air, and relax under a glowing, colorful lighted wonderland. It’s a stress relieving break from the holiday rush.

Happy Holidays!

Are Cleansing Regimens Safe?


This is the time of year when people talk about how they ate too much over the holiday and now it’s time to detox the body through cleansing.  I personally have never done a cleansing and many of the regimens don’t sound enjoyable.  From a nutritional standpoint some don’t make sense at all.

Fasting or eliminating certain foods from the diet results in a lack of basic nutrition. This stops the body from working properly and may delay the detoxification. This method will also sabotage any planned weight loss. When a person begins to eat again after a fast, the body is in survival mode and quickly puts the weight back on causing a yoyo diet.  Adding high amounts of fiber through juicing, tonics or using laxatives can be harsh to the system which may also stop it from working effectively.

The best way to cleanse the body is through drinking a minimum of 10-12 cups of water a day, increasing your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes, and decreasing heavy and processed meats. This method will increase the nutrient content of the body giving it the tools it needs to digest properly and flush out toxins. You will also feel an increase of energy which won’t usually occur during a fast. Exercising also increases the body’s detox efficiency.

The best thing about this simple way of cleansing the body is you don’t have to pay for special cleansing aids, it won’t take any extra time out of your day, you have plenty of great foods you can eat and finally… aren’t suffering!