Coffee Prevents Cirrhosis of the Liver

coffee beansI always thought it was funny how one day you hear that coffee is bad for you and then the next day you hear it’s good for you. Well I found a new benefit I haven’t heard before. Apparently coffee can prevent alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver! They found that people who drank alcohol were 22% less likely to get alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver if they also drank coffee. Now you have a new reason to drink coffee!

Vegetables for Breakfast Recipe


We all know it’s important to eat your vegetables and most health organizations recommend 5 servings a day! How do you eat that many vegetables in a day? Rarely has breakfast been thought of as a time to eat your vegetables, but think again. A friend of mine who I helped with an anti-inflammatory diet gave me a great idea………

Vegetable Scramble!
It’s quick, it’s easy, and it takes care of both protein and vegetable serving requirements! Needless to say it’s very tasty too!

2 Eggs
Chopped Onion
Chopped Bell Pepper
Sliced Mushrooms
Diced Summer Squash
Handful of Spinach
Grated Cheese

Saute onion, pepper, mushrooms and squash in a large pan with olive oil. Turn down temperature to medium and pour in blended eggs. Lift cooked egg up at the edges to let the liquid egg drain down into the pan to cook thoroughly. Your eggs should almost be completely cooked through before you toss a handful of fresh spinach on top and let wilt down. Fold the scramble over so it looks almost like an omelet and shred a little cheese on top. You can really put almost any vegetable in this scramble. Most greens work but tomatoes add too much liquid. My friend adds turmeric to her eggs and I have to say, that’s very tasty!