Healthy Pizza

Flatbread Pizza

Don’t let anyone tell you that pizza isn’t healthy. It’s all in how it’s made.

First, you want to make it yourself so you can take out anything unhealthy. You don’t have to spend a lot money or time. It’s very simple!

You can find prepared flat bread pizza crusts at most stores now. They come in all natural and  gluten free versions. All you do is add toppings!

This pizza started with a scoop of minced garlic in a 1/4 cup of olive oil brushed on the top. Basic tomato paste is spread over the oil and dried basil sprinkled on top.

Then add your vegetables:
Tomato slices
Bell Pepper
Spinach Leaves
Black Olives
Fresh Basil Leaves
Any other vegetable you have lying around

Although I don’t show cheese here, I did add some low fat mozzarella. You can add cheese substitutes or leave it without. It really tastes fine just the way it is.


Fear of Real Food


I was having lunch in the break room at work when a younger co-worker was commenting how she really wanted a burrito for lunch but only had a sandwich. I’m lucky in that my employer offers a selection of healthy foods for sale in the break room. Another co-worker told her they had burritos in the freezer section so she took a look. She read the package……”All natural, no preservatives, no additives, organic and non-GMO!” I thought to myself, sounds like a great lunch! To my surprise she put the burrito back and said, “I can’t eat this! I don’t know what the hell is in it!” I couldn’t believe the distrust of a food that basically told you it was REAL food.

I’m afraid that the younger you are, the less you know about your food! I watched some viral videos over Thanksgiving of people who stuffed their turkeys with ducks, chickens and Cornish hens as part of a new cuisine trend. What made them viral was the expression of younger people who were surprised when they were un-stuffing the turkey and thought that the turkey was pregnant! I hate to have to say this, but for those of you who don’t know……baby turkeys and chickens come from EGGS that are laid. They don’t get pregnant!

On April Fools Day a video went viral showing a man who planted a banana and kiwi together and theoretically crossed the two together. The stem grew and a banana grew at the end of it, but when he cut the banana open it was a kiwi! I can’t tell you how many people thought it was real!

I think everyone should go out to a farm to understand how things are grown and where the animals come from. Then, actually watch people cooking from the ingredients you find on the farm.  Now that’s real food.


Grow Your Own Pineapple

Pineapple Top

It’s true. I’ve tried it.

You can find fresh pineapples in your grocery  store this time of year. The next time you buy a pineapple, look for one with a thick healthy top, cut it off and immediately stick it in a bowl of water to keep it moist. Fill your favorite pot with potting soil and place the top of the pineapple in the center. Do you completely bury the pineapple top. Leave some of the base exposed or it will rot. Keep the soil moist, using a spray bottle around the base to reduce disturbance of the soil in that area. Eventually the top  will grow roots and you will have yourself a pineapple plant!
If you live in the deep south or have healthy green house/sunroom you may actually get a pineapple! The will grow as a flower off of the main plant.