What is Clean Eating ?

You have probably heard about the Clean Eating Diet but what is it? First, I would like to remove the word Diet and just call it clean eating. It’s really a way of life. You may get a number of different answers on how to eat clean and that’s because there is no single definition, and many people who claim to eat clean have some exceptions. I believe in clean eating because the basic principle of clean eating is relatively the same as the diets prescribed for people with diabetes, heart disease, gastric issues and weight loss.

My goal is to make the concept of clean eating simple for you and unless you are in bad health, allow you to occasionally make exceptions.

Lots of Fruits and Veggies – As with any kind of healthy eating or diet you should be eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. The majority of your vitamins and minerals important to body processes come from this source.

Minimal Fat Meats – This means meats such as fish, seafood, chicken and very lean cuts of pork or beef in their natural state.

Low Processed Carbs – Low processed means things like potatoes beans, peas or grains. The type of grains you may consider is oats, quinoa, brown rice, whole grain cereals and an occasional whole grain bread are ok.

Cook More –  Rather than buy convenience food, cook! The meal in the picture is a simple tiny roast, browned, topped with veggies and thrown in a crock-pot. Making your own salad dressing is simple. A little vinegar and oil mixed with a variety of herbs. I prefer balsamic vinegar as it has a strong, sweet flavor.

No additives, artificial colors, flavorings preservatives, etc.- Read your labels. Try to find items with 5 ingredients or less and nothing that you can’t pronounce.

In essence the idea is to eat food as close to it’s natural form as possible. Any processing increases ingredients that usually include unwanted chemicals, fat, sugar or salt. Processing also degrades the nutrient content of your food. Some people also say that you should eat 6 small meals a day. I prefer to look at it as having a little snack between meals. Nuts, yogurt or a piece of fruit are all acceptable. Those are also on your clean list. Make sure your yogurt does not have an additives as we mentioned earlier.

As you can see it’s fairly easy if you just focus on unprocessed food. I hope this simplifies clean eating for you and that it can guide you to a tasty and nutritious lifestyle.