Coronavirus Misinformation

What do the items in this picture have in common? Two things.

  1. All of these items keep you and your environment clean.
  2. All of these items are currently flying off grocery shelves to the point they are not available all the time.

Yes. This is the Pandemic world we are living in today! My blog followers are asking for advice and information on how to handle this awful virus that currently plaques the world, so I want to respond with some common sense to simplify what you should do right now.

DO NOT TAKE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR AS THE TRUTH! I can’t express this enough! There is so much information being shared and just like the game Telephone or Grapevine, as the information gets passed through social media and a number of people, it gets skewed. I know of multiple deaths occurring due to misinformation. Don’t trust the self proclaimed experts on social media. Don’t even take my information for face value. You want to get the scientific truth from the people with the most authority. Go directly to the CDC. Here is the address to their website:

I will still give you a list of the simple things I am doing to stay healthy:

  • TAKE THE VIRUS SERIOUSLY. This is probably the worst Pandemic in our lifetime. Making no changes to your daily life is putting you and others at risk of severe illness and possible death. And if you and nobody you know gets ill or dies, congratulations! You might say “See, it was not big deal” when in reality taking action is what prevented you and your loved ones from becoming another static.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS. They’ve already proven that just vigorously washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds cleans off the virus and bacteria. Make sure to get the back of your hands and deep between your fingers. I saw results from an experiment that showed soap and water worked the best, even against hand sanitizer. Washing your hands isn’t just for the bathroom, I also wash before and after I cook, after going through mail, before and after I go to the store or get gas for the car.
  • CLEAN, CLEAN and CLEAN AGAIN. If you touch something that an infected person touched you could catch the virus. Constantly clean all the surfaces around you that routinely get touched, preferably with a disinfectant. This includes door knobs, light switches, drawer/cabinet handles, phones, remote controls, computers and their accessories.
  • STAY AT HOME. Don’t leave your home unless you absolutely have to. Most companies have an option to work from home. I’ve been working from home for 2 weeks now and while I miss my co-workers we chat online to keep each other company. The only time I plan to leave my home is for necessary groceries, and I found a store that will pull the items for you and load them into your trunk so you do not have shop inside. Other stores will even deliver to your home, so there is really no reason to leave.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING. If I leave my home I make a point to stay at least 6 feet away from other people and I do not touch anything I don’t need to. Also trying to keep my hands from my face which I’m terrible at!

Just a reminder, these are just the things that I am doing to stay healthy. The real experts are at the CDC. They have the most scientifically proven recommendations. Check out the link I shared above for the most accurate information.