The Winter Fruit Blahs

I don’t know about you,¬†but next to a snow storm, what I hate most about winter is the lack of variety of quality organic fruit. Pretty much my choices are apples, oranges and bananas, especially if you are on a budget or vowed to only purchase in season. Those couple months after the grapefruit and pears have gone dry is so hard for me!

Here are some tricks that should hopefully brighten up your fruit in the winter:

Try your hand at juicing – Have some tasty fun experimenting with online recipes. You may be surprise how good it tastes this way. Even adding some vegetables can make life even more interesting.

Make a fruit salad – I don’t know why, but cutting up the fruit and mixing it together makes it taste better to me. Buying a small container of berries and tossing it on top make it seem even more special. If you don’t have oranges in your salad, make sure to add some lemon or lime juice to keep the fruit from turning brown.

Make fruit desserts – Slip the fruit into desserts like apple cobbler, banana splits, chocolate covered bananas or even bananas foster. Look that one up online. It’s really good!

With a little imagination you can get rid of the winter fruit blahs and make sure you get in your 5 servings of fruits or vegetables everyday.