How do I harvest and store tomatoes?

It’s reaching the end of the season and you are pulling off the remaining tomatoes from your plants. What do you do with them? First, if you have green tomatoes that you need to remove as well, there is nothing better than fried green tomatoes.  I’ll share a recipe in a couple days.

If you are lucky, you may have more than you can possibly eat fresh. To keep them fresher, and avoid them getting mealy, store them stem side down at room temperature, not touching each other.  The only time I put mine in the fridge is if they are deteriorating.

There are lots of options to preserve tomatoes from a number of interesting sources. Of course, there is always the blanching, removing the skin and canning your tomatoes, but I’m kind of a lazy harvester.

Try freezing them whole! Wash and dry them, stick them in a Ziploc bag, suck the air out of an open corner, and then quickly zip it shut. It’s almost as good as vacuum packing! I know it sounds crazy but if you defrost them, the skin just pops right off and you can use it like you would a canned tomato, but without all the canning mess.

If you like tomato paste, I read that you can puree a tomato, pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze it. After they are hard, you can drop a few cubes into a freezer bag and microwave them as you need them!

So many ways to preserve your tomatoes without chemicals and enjoy your home grown harvest longer!