After being asked “how can I support what your are doing?” enough times I decided to add the option to “Subscribe” to the blog.

When I began My Simple Healthy Life in 2011, subscribing to blogs was there but not common. Since then, the blog has grown, my audience has grown and has now become a major part of my writing.

If you can’t afford to subscribe, that’s OK – the blog will remain free and accessible. Some of you have been following the blog from the beginning and I appreciate your interest and support. If you can’t subscribe, just continue to enjoy the blog as usual.

If you choose to support my blog and subscribe, subscriptions can be purchased using Paypal or your credit card via Paypal services.

Subscription Options

Please note that I cannot authorize, cancel or renew subscriptions.

Subscriptions are managed via Paypal and only you can change or cancel your subscription. For your security and protection, only you can manage your subscription.

I do not keep track of who is subscribing or who is not and I understand that circumstances change and I appreciate your support however long you can offer it.

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