Who Am I

Hi, my name is Tina and I’m a Dietitian. I always thought I was a healthy person but through twists and turns in my life, I found there is always more to learn.

When I was a child I was addicted to sweets, drinking soda, eating loads of candy and literally sucking on sugar cubes to satisfy my sugar cravings. Water wasn’t something I drank. It was something to wash with. In college, I ate donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast, Fritos topped with canned chili and cheddar cheese for lunch, and pizza and beer for dinner. I was active and enjoyed exercise, but although I was studying to be a dietitian, I was pretty unhealthy. In my mind, exercise was a competitive event, not an overall health benefit. Curling the most weight on a bar, leg pressing the highest weight and stretching myself into the splits farther than everyone else. I had no cardiovascular capabilities.

I learned a lot from my dietetics degree adding fruits and vegetables to my diet, taking cardio classes and watching my fat intake. Was I now living a healthy life?

My degree in dietetics focuses on resolving health issues, or prescribes ways of eating. After working in a nursing home, a couple hospitals and a weight loss clinic, I found the weight loss clinic to be the most fulfilling because people came to me for my advice. They weren’t forced to eat a prescribed diet. I can relate to those who don’t want to be told how to eat and exercise. I love food and am passionate about eating. Unfortunately, I found I  inherited health issues with an auto-immune condition that’s never been fully diagnosed. I was suddenly forced to practice what I preached and have successfully curbed my symptoms. Through education, experience and talking with others, I’ve found it easier to live a simple healthy life and still enjoy all the things I love.

Friends have asked me why I don’t have a private practice as a dietitian. I no longer work as a dietitian because it was difficult to find full time work outside the hospital and frankly  I was awful at putting together a client base for a private practice. I genuinely wanted to help people find what I believe I have;  a simple healthy life, but wanted to do so in a less formal setting.  So here is the result. A place to talk about what has worked for me and for people to talk about what works for them, because different things work for different people. You can draw on my experience and form your own simple, healthy lifestyle.